Product Detail



The AQ 100 is designed utilizing the most modern technology with a focus on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. It is built to meet the growing demands in both LV and MV switchgear and control gear applications ranging from basic standalone to more complex system solutions.

The AQ 100 series is designed and tested according to the latest protection relay standards and is hence suitable for installations in any environment, such as utility, power plant, wind-power, off-shore, marine, oil and gas, mining, steel or any other heavy industry application as well as commercial and institutional electrical systems. The AQ 100 modular design makes it an excellent candidate for both new and retrofit installations.

The Arcteq arc quenching devices AQ-1000 and AQ-2000 are used to extinguish arcing faults in LV and MV power systems, typically where breaker operate times are not fast enough to reduce arc flash incident levels to a safe value.

The quenching devices operates in less than 2 ms in order to minimize or even eliminate the arcing fault thermal and pressure damaging effects. In most applications this will result in a calorie/cm² energy release of less than 1. The AQ-1000 and AQ-2000 are fully reusable, they can do several operations with full short circuit current as well as allowing full system testing at site.

The arc quenching devices are installed as a part of the AQ 100 arc protection system. In case of an arc fault the AQ 100 detects the fault, triggers the quenching device and simultaneously trips the fault feeding circuit breaker(s). The quenching device creates a three-phase low impedance parallel path for fault current to flow thus extinguishing the arc fault instantaneously.

Maximum safety and minimum process downtime

  • Total arc fault clearance time 4 ms with re-usable quenching device
  • Quarter cycle arcing time guarantees low incident energy levels
  • Lower category personal protective equipment (PPE) needed

Save time and money

  • Faster engineering with standard arc schemes
  • Faster commissioning, one button configuration, clear LED signals, no software needed
  • Full product range → optimal price/functionality ratio for any application

The most reliable protection

  • Design based on unbeatable experience in the field
  • Track record of less than 0.1% return rate of products
  • EMC isolation levels tested according to highest protection relay standards

Secure operation

  • Designed and tested according to protection relay standards
  • Re-usable arc quencher allows multiple operations in testing and fault conditions
  • Optimized standard arc schemes for any type of switchgear
    • Individual trip zones based on light and current or light and pressure
    • Master trip to prevent back feed
    • Built in circuit breaker failure protection
    • Built in lock out