Product Detail



The AQ-200 series provides an optimal protection and control solution for any utility, power plant, wind-power, off-shore, marine, industrial, commercial or institutional electrical protection and control applications. The AQ-200 series offers integrated or segregated protection control, monitoring, measuring solutions with powerful complementary monitoring, measuring, communication and diagnostics information. The AQ-200 is developed using the latest available technologies providing a totally new dimension and options to protection and control engineers.

  • Versatile protection design
    AQ-200 series is characterized by fast, versatile and dependable protection functions with uniquely wide operating frequency band of 6…75Hz making AQ-200 perfect choice for the most demanding protection applications including rotating machines.
  • Modularity
    Fully modular hardware construction gives a high level of flexibility; additional I/O or communication cards can be simply plugged in according to application needs.
  • Usability
    Maximum use of the IEDs is guaranteed by features such as guided wizards, sophisticated setting aids, highly customizable HMI, file storage of pdf or other supportive documents and extensive user log information. Track down a complete user history register including setting change and other operational history.
  • Performance
    The AQ-200 series offers truly sub-cycle instantaneous triptimes. You can add a fast integrated arc protection to your traditional protection scheme. Powerful PLC programming is included for the most demanding applications allowing for extensive customization. Up to 100 disturbance records of up to 10 seconds each and 10 000 events are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Communication
    Native Ethernet communication provides for fast and seamless communication. The AQ-200 communicates using variety of standard protocols including IEC 61850 substation communication standard with fast GOOSE messaging.
  • Savings in engineering time
    AQtivate 200 free of charge software suite saves valuable engineering time by offering an intuitive and easy to use human machine interface. Download all relay settings instantly using native 100Mb/s Ethernet connection either at IED front port or rear port through Ethernet network.
  • Standardized hardware
    Trouble free logistics and stocking with highly standardized hardware design. Five CT inputs with software settable secondary currents and software configurable digital input thresholds for voltage are standard features of AQ-200 series.