Product Detail

NJR2-D Soft-Starter

NJR2-D series soft-starter is cored on advanced dual-CPU control technology. It controls SCR module, realizes soft starting & stopping of three-phase AC induction motor, and has wide range of protection functions e.g. overload, input phase failure, output phase failure, load short-circuit, starting limiting overtime, over-voltage, and under-voltage.

NJR2-D series soft-starter requires external bypass contactor with voltage range of 380V, power specifications for 7.5KW to 500KW; has characteristics of good load adaptability, stable and reliable operation, and widely used in electrical drive equipment in the fields of metallurgy, petroleum, fire, mining, water supply, municipal, food, cement and petrochemical. It is an ideal updated product of traditional star – delta starter, and self-coupling voltage starting.

Standard: GB 14048.6 IEC 60947-4-2.