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Solutions - Off-grid PV

Application Scenarios

Off-grid PV System refers to the mode of power generation that is not connected to the electric grid. The typical feature is that it has the storage battery for storing the electric energy for use in the night. In the civilian field, the off-grid system is mainly used in the remote villages, farming areas, sea islands, plateaus and deserts for the purpose of lighting, TV radio and other basic needs of life; in the industrial fields, it is mainly used for communication, relay of satellite broadcast and TV, solar pumping system, navigation marks, anode protection of oil pipelines, weather stations, highways and check points at borders. In the regions where wind power generation and small-sized hydraulic power generation are available, combined power generation system can be set up, e.g. wind power generation and solar power generation.

Technical Analysis



(1) PV Modules


(2) Controller

The controller adopts MPPT technology and maximizes the utilization of solar panels; System sampling advanced circuit topology design brings ultra-high power conversion efficiency of equipment, system efficiency up to 95%, reducing energy loss process. Meanwhile it has intelligent battery management, monitoring alarm and DC distribution functions. The device meets the maintenance requirement; the control module and monitoring module are all modular design.


(3) Off-grid Inverter

CPS SI series off-grid inverter is particularly designed for off-grid power system with high efficiency up to 85%. The excellent overload capacity and complete protection are suitable for all sorts of electrical appliances. The inverter can be used in harsh environments e.g. wide temperature range, high altitude, etc. This series can be applied for solar lighting, remote communication base, high way monitoring system, custom system of pastoral areas and less developed areas, etc.


(4) Solar controller & Inverter

CPS SIC series off-grid inverter adopts integrated design of solar controller, inverter and isolated transformer. The controller adopts MPPT technology and intelligent battery management design which is very efficient and smart; integrated pure sine wave inverter and low frequency isolated transformer make it with excellent overload performance, suitable for a variety of electrical appliances.


Engineering Case